North Devon Coast and Countryside National Trust 

Nature Hub opening April 2021

The former Heddon Valley shop, near Parracombe, ran by the National Trust for around three decades was destined for a transformation after it closed it's retail doors in late 2020.

The unanimous decision for its future was to turn the space into 'nature interpretation zone' in the comfort of Heddon Pantry (take-away refreshments) next door. So, I was approached as a former engagement and interpretation officer, to add a touch of love...

...10 days later we created a
1. North Devon Coast & Countryside portfolio map mural,
2. A mural showing the lifecycle of the high brown fritillary and,
3. stained glass birds found in the Heddon Valley on the beautiful Bay windows...

Map - shows all the Coast and Countryside looked after by the Team, from Welcombe Bay to West Exmoor.

High Brown life cycle - A poem and illustrative life cycle shows how cattle trampling bracken helps to create the ideal growing conditions for dog violet - the food plant for the larvae. I studied the butterfly with this team in 2014 as an MSc degree project, where the findings now influence the future conservation plans of this declining butterfly!

Birds - from stone chats, to woodpeckers to swallows. I painted the birds in positions how you would find them. I used to be an ecologist and continue to observe their cheeky behaviour!

The space also has rolling film of volunteer work and projects of the West Exmoor team - so get involved!

I still feel connected to this wonderful team and honoured to be asked by April Braund to complete it. Thanks to Jack Ward (ranger) and Josey Field (ranger) for the ecological, poetic and artist input!

Edited: April 2021


National Trust public notices project - 2021

Four illustrative public notices stand proud across West Exmoor - on the moors and in the woods:

1. Birds Nesting season - keep dogs on leads
2. English Long Horn cattle
3. Exmoor Ponies
4. Vision for the West Exmoor landscape

The purpose: These signs were created to educate and inform visitors and locals about the important work carried out by rangers and volunteers across West Exmoor. A lot of the Trust's work can go unnoticed particularly ecological and land management practices, where the results of the hard work can take a long time to come to fruition. From planting trees, to conservation grazing, each step plays an important part in the cycle of sequestering carbon, rewetting of the landscape and rewilding.

Edited: December 2021


The Bath Hotel, Lynmouth 

Hotel renovation 2020 - 2021

This long standing family owned Victorian hotel business had already been undergoing a modernisation, inside and out, with a maritime and nature orientated theme.

During Lockdown 1.0, I started painting my walls at home in the form of "The Great Waves of Lynmouth", portholes in the bathroom, animals and lilies climbing the walls.

I was then approached by the Director, Carly Glover, to add a maritime and Exmoor nature twist in the newly renovated 20 bedrooms, corridors and a visitor map at the reception entrance.

I have been non stop busy painting since November 2020!! 

Each room has a special name - The Fernery ( bee orchid and elephant hawkmoth paintings), The Exmoor Snug and Suit (wren, sparrows, stonechats), The Botanist (parasol mushroom) and further found here.

Discover Exmoor Map - After 7 long days and lots of research and experience, I produced a 0.9m x 1.2m watercolour painting of Exmoor with notable Points of Interest for visitors to plan their stay!  The Purpose -  To contribute towards local conservation initiatives, Carly and the team will print the map into posters where a significant proportion of the proceeds go towards buying trees and support local conservation projects! 

What a powerful way to help the local environment! Watch this space for more!

Edited: April 2021

Exmoor Aves Collection - PRINTED CARDS

"Eeeeek" ,  "brrrrrr" , " tick-tick- tick", "peeewwwwww"

The bird language across Exmoor is an orchestral blend!

Found along the coastal stretches, wooded combes and open moorlands of Exmoor National Park is a carcophony of beautiful birds; from the vibrato of Lundy Puffins , to the echoing ticks of the nuthatch to the piercing squeaks of the long tailed tits and buzzards. 

Sit for a while and watch them. They will come to you, not the other way round.

Fancy sharing a card with your loved one? See the Exmoor Aves collection to purchase....

Edited: December 2020